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However in the recent years with the development of video games and violent sports it is seen that children are indulging a lot in gaming. And this has forced many individuals to carry out researches to find out the effect of games on children. It is found that violence in real life has a direct relationship with people who are involved in playing these games. The aim of this research is to promote that the violent content of video games has been contributing to the aggressive behavior of the individual player. History and Extent of The Problem Media is an important and inseparable part of our daily routine in the modern age. It provides us new and technologically advanced modes of learning, working and doing the regular activities rightly and accurately in a timely manner. Media plays a crucial role in altering our thoughts, perceptions and viewpoints about certain personalities, relationships, issues and in turn the whole society. The extremely harsh exposure of media about current affairs results in negative or positive changes in our attitudes and point of views about those events under consideration. The extreme integration of media in our lives point towards the alarming situation where our lives and actions are all immensely affected by the media portrayal. Media does not affect a single group, stereotype or class but its effects surround the whole social constructs due to its presence in the lives of every individual today. Video games are one of the forms of media which are greatly influencing the behavior and attitude of people. Video games are getting increasing attention of the consumers as the technological advancements are getting more and more flexible, rich and user-focused. Video games serve as one of the most popular form of media to entertain children. The involvement of people in video games and their continuous interaction with video game environment affects them negatively. This is specifically adverse when the games are of violent nature with destruction, fighting or combating as the major themes in it. There has been a strong relationship between exposure in video games and rise in crime rate of younger generation. The violent activities, behaviors and attitudes are observed as a result of continuous exposure to video games. The popularity of video games has been increasing as shown by the investments made to meet the increasing demand. The innovations and technological advancements played a vital role in increasing the demand for video games. It has been observed that children of ages between 8 and 18 are found to have spent at least 40 hours per week in some form of media. This also includes the sharp rise in the exposure to video games by younger generation. The increasing popularity of video games has encouraged the exposure to video games to children aging 2 years with a minimum of 1 hour per day spent on games. Children falling in the age group of 8-13 years are observed to have played video games nearly 7.5 hours a week. Anderson’s (2001) research further illuminates the fact that children are exposed to video games which are never supervised by their parents or elders. Adams (2010) further explains the problem in terms of age-directed games that 85% of children play game which are designed and launched for adults.

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