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Hi I Need Help With Essay On War And Conflicts In Africa And Its Effects On Chil

Hi, I need help with essay on War and Conflicts in Africa and Its Effects on Childhood and Health. Paper must be at least 2750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Maintaining and enhancing childhood and child health has not been easy for nations in the developing world, particularly conflict-plagued nations in Africa. These nations are often plagued by war and conflicts. These conflicts make it difficult for Western-influenced medical and social intervention difficult.

Childhood is seen as the early years of a person’s life where the person socializes with members of the society and gains an understanding of the world around him or her in preparation for a productive life after age 18 (NICHD Early Childhood Research Network, 2005). In most studies covered by this research though, childhood seems to stretch from the time of birth to about age 12, where a child needs care and attention.

As a child grows, s/he needs to get a proper blend of emotional, mental and physical health (Kehily, 2004) in order to become a stable and healthy adult. Emotional health encompasses the right bonds with adults, care and protection from trauma and other harsh conditions that may make a child disturbed. Mental health has to do with the right structures that will give the child a stable mind. Physical health means protection from diseases and other physical injuries that would prevent the child from normal life. In the modern setting, these things should be available to the child as he goes through contact with his or her parents, school and the local community.

Clarke et al (2003) stress that a good childhood is one in which a child gets the opportunity to grow up an ideal setting. This includes access to good and healthy food, the opportunity to learn and play, protection from diseases and harsh environmental conditions as well as access to proper health care.&nbsp.


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