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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Web Activity 2 Twelve Tips For Team Building Paper

Hi, I need help with essay on Web Activity 2 Twelve Tips for Team Building. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

d it pretty nicely, as to how to manage these things with workable strategies and by involving all members in team discussions and giving right and opportunity to everyone to convey opinion, to come to a solution that is appropriate for the issue and group. A quick illustration of the 12 tips would give the idea that it is extremely rare that each member of the team feels as excited about the goal as the other team members. The difference is also present in the form of creativeness and innovativeness. It is thus necessary to know the expertise and the area of interest of each individual so to assign the task accordingly to maximize the team’s output (Heathfield).

Moreover, the communication and collaboration among the team members, as described in the article, also have a significance value when we talk about mutual understanding and collective efforts. It is to me, not possible for a team to prosper in the long run, if the members are not in active contact with each other and cannot work jointly for problem solving or for the development of the team. So it is essential to make the social bond strong among the team member so they can work for the team’s goal and not their own! Another highly essential tool to make people feel more comfortable working in the team or as a part of any organization is, to make the environment more People friendly rather than a dictator type. That is to the change in the traditional Culture or attitude by which a team governs. If exceptional performances are not rewarded, people are not praised for their admirable conduct and zest, and the team lead fails to find a motivating factor for the team members, it is quite possible that people would not put any extra efforts in their tasks and would feel de motivated, resulting in a decline in their passion and interest for the work (Heathfield).

According to my understanding of this article, amongst the 12 C’s, the one that is the most imperative in the team building is the Control


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