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Hi I Need Help With Essay On What S In An X Ray Room Paper Must Be At Least 250

Hi, I need help with essay on What’s in an X-ray Room. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

An X-ray table is equally important to position the patient according to the body part that needs to be radiographed. This is likewise important to put patients in the most comfortable position, especially those who are not mobile and could not stand or walk, while doing radiographic procedures.

Finally, X-ray shields and gowns are “physical barriers designed to provide protection from the effects of ionizing radiation. also, the technology of providing such protection” (McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Engineering, 2002, par. 1). As emphasized, it is crucial and important for the “protection of human life (which) is the goal of radiation shielding. In other instances, protection may be required for structural materials which would otherwise be exposed to high-intensity radiation, or for radiation-sensitive materials such as photographic film and certain electronic components” (McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Engineering, 2002, par.


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