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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Why Should Laptops Be Used In College Classrooms By

Hi, I need help with essay on Why should laptops be used in college classrooms by students and teachers agree/ disagree and why. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Everybody is used to the personal laptop, which saves time. One can type faster on the personal laptop. Time wasted otherwise in searching for different kinds of functions is saved. Saving and retrieving files from their locations becomes easier as one knows where a particular file has been stored. The teacher can share material from personal files to enhance the students’ understanding of the topic.

With so many personal laptops in the class, students can retrieve useful programs from one another’s laptops to upgrade their respective machines. Students that have more expertise in technology can help others trouble shoot the problems with their laptops. Students can compare their laptops with those of others to have a better understanding of the features and different models. Overall, students gain more knowledge about the software and hardware. This knowledge helps the students make informed decision the next time they want to buy a


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