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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Write A 1200 Word Case Study Considering The Strate

Hi, I need help with essay on Write a 1200 word case study considering the strategic position of the product line of an international firm. Select the firm from among the ten largest firms by annual sales from any country as listed on either the Thompson One or Orbis databases. This m. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The final part is to position the product or product line in the market. These steps form the STP process (segmenting, targeting, positioning process) (DuBrin 2008). In this document, the strategic positioning methods used by Coca-Cola Company on its product line in the international markets are focused. It analyzes how the company has faced out competitors to maintain favor from customers.

Coca-Cola Company is a soft drink and beverages manufacturing company with the main office based in America and have spread all over the world. It also retails and markets their product in more than 200 countries globally. Its main product, “Coca-Cola” was invented in 1886 by John Smith Pemberton who was a pharmacist. The company sells over 500 brands, over 1.7 billion servings per day. It has franchised globally since1889 where it used to produce syrup and selling it to other companies. It has an anchor bottler in North America. It acquired a number of companies to minimize competition and reach its current state, almost a monopoly. This document discusses the different methods used by Coca-Cola to create and maintain its market.

Strategic positioning has been successful to Coca-Cola Company in that it has enjoyed so much market share and preference and loyalty from its customers. It has achieved its positioning internationally through seven different ways.

Coca-Cola has kept their products distinctively different from their competitors. They have different products within the product line, with different fruit flavors which seem to have curbed other competitors who try to establish themselves on the fields Coca-Cola has already dominated. The soft drink has also been associated with great events worldwide, Coca-Cola sponsoring the events. This shows that the product can match well with the situations people are undergoing.

The company’s introduction of different flavored product line ensures customers can enjoy a wider variety of the products they offer.


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