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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Write A Research Discussing The Affects Of The Voti

Hi, I need help with essay on Write a research discussing the affects of the Voting demographic on politics in the United States. Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Because of these changes in the country’s demographics, democrats enjoyed a greater share of the country’s votes. According to the results of various studies, democrats will enjoy a favorable vote in the years to come, especially because of the increased rates of immigration into the country.

Some of the leading populations in terms of immigration into the country are of Hispanic and Latino origin. The role of these populations has been widely felt especially in the 3 most recent elections. Democrats are therefore best advised to retain a hold on these populations. Al Gore scooped 66% of the votes from this population. This was especially notable in swing states examples being New Mexico. Cubans are not so keen on the democrats, a fact that resulted in Al Gore losing in states like Florida. This was one of causes of Gore’s loss to George Bush. The margin between the two candidates was quite slim but played a role in his loss.

This effect was also noticeable in the 2004 election where George Bush was able to garner 44% of the Hispanic/Latino votes. This was a new achievement for the republicans. It was instrumental in his victory in that election.

However, the republicans could not hold on to their Latino votes during the 2008 election when Barrack Obama of the Democrats won over 67% of their votes. The influence of the Latino/Hispanic vote was felt across several states in which republican’s George Bush won in the previous election in 2004. Florida was one of the most influential states during that election and Obama managed to clinch 57% of the votes cast by the Latino/Hispanic population. This win helped to raise Democrats’ confidence that had been lost due to Gore’s losses (Goldberg 17).

The Latino/Hispanic population makes up 16% of the 312 million US citizens. The majority (64%) are whites while blacks make up 13% of the population. Asians make up 4% of the population while the rest 3% is made of less dominant races. The


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