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Hi I Need Help With Essay On Writing An Analytical Paper Paper Must Be At Least

Hi, I need help with essay on Writing an analytical paper. Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

This paper discusses the effects of this growing trend.

The workers will first need to consider going back to school as an investment. Time and money are at stake. Their lifestyle will have to change since they will need to ensure they work extra hard to provide for their families while schooling. With the possibility of missing promotion after the studies due to the younger, better educated workforce being considered, this calls for rethinking, the investment can well not be worth it.

To a company, the return of many older workers to school at once is sure to harm the productivity of a company during the time when these workers are studying. This is more so as they are, the more experienced workers. On their return, the company will have a larger pool to select from when considering promotions. This will definitely call for the company to revise what has to be looked into when considering promotions.

Higher institutions of learning have to readjust to the influx of learners, they have to handle. They have to expand their programs and workforce too in order to handle the unusually high number of learners. Given that they are not the usual younger learners, that have been handled. the institutions have to revise their ways of teaching for them to be able to train the new older students.

The trend can be said to be beneficial in many ways. However, the effect on the various parties is worth reconsidering. Workers have to evaluate the worthiness of their return to school in consideration of the factors and opportunities that come into play. Learning institutions have to adjust their way of operation while companies have to revise their human resource


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