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This was lacking as well at Jet Blue airlines. The system in place could not allow online rebooking or via the kiosks, leaving the customers with no choice but to call for reservations (Rainer&nbsp.& Turban 2008).

The Navitaire open reservations system available could only accommodate 650 agents at a time some of whom had to be called from home. In addition, the management had not trained other workers to handle reservations in case of emergencies, which meant that staffs available at the airport could only offer shoddy services to customers. Long periods on phones, time taken to trace luggage, and the fact that no notifications were made to customers prior to flight schedule resulted in poor CRM impacting heavily on the public image of the company.

On the other hand the issues experienced were technical. Lack of correct infrastructure and information systems had a great impact on the melt down. The lack of a luggage-tracing module, non-expandable reservation module, improper database to trace employees and allow rebooking of flights either online or via kiosks all was technical. If I were in the managements’ shoes, I would plan to cater for unexpected results and scenarios. I would equip myself with expected weather conditions for the whole year and install a good TPS. This will enable me to get real time information that will be useful in making good judgement and acting in good

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