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re the ones that develop such simulations, the simulation is usually influenced by the knowledge and biasness of the designers which may lead to difficulties in learning. It has been observed that designers are the ones that are provided with frequent opportunities to learn rather than the users. By making constant change in the simulation, the designer may be able to understand the requirement and will eventually lead to the increase of their skills and experience.

For a designer to develop a simulation can become quite easy if the designer have sufficient knowledge regarding the simulation along with the experience to understand the complexity and realism so that the objectives of the simulation could be met cost effectively. The designer must take into consideration that simulation should not be too simplified that it may disrupt the learning process of the students.

On the other hand, experiential learning is an active learning process as it focuses on the theme ‘learning by doing’. Since this is an ongoing process, it requires constant facilitation through coaching and support along with personal interest to participate in the process. By such support, the learner may be provided with an opportunity to identify the reasons for failure through feedback by the expert couching the learner. For a business game simulation to be successful, motivation is required among participants. In order to motive the participants, certain theories were proposed. The theories proposed included goal setting theory, Maslow’s need theory, and Herzberg theory along with other theories of motivation.

For an effective learning process, time is the most important factor for achieving the goals and objectives of learning. For the goals and objectives of the students to be accomplished, feedbacks and debriefings from the facilitator or expert is crucial as based on such feedbacks, participants become motivated and self-satisfied with the environment for learning.

In order to

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