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Hi I Want Anyone To Help Me Out This Reseach Paper I Put Everthing Together Abo

Hi i want anyone to help me out this reseach paper i put everthing together about the paper if you have any question let me know please thanks   

my topic is social work and immigrartion  and all the dircation of the paper is attach so please follow the dircation thanks

Park Y. (2008). Making refugees: a historical discourse analysis of the construction of the “refugee” in US social work, 1900-1957. British Journal of Social Work38(4), 771–787. Retrieved from

Social Work With Immigrants and Refugees: Legal Issues, Clinical Skills, and Advocacy. (2009). Journal of Social Work Education45(3), 522. Retrieved from

Phillips, A. (2009). Intercultural Knowledge and Skills in Social Service Work with Refugees. Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research3(3), 185–195. Retrieved from

Okitikpi T, & Aymer C. (2003). Social work with African refugee children and their families. Child & Family Social Work8(3), 213–222. Retrieved from

Arnold-Fernández, E. E., & Pollock, S. (2013). Refugees’ rights to work. Forced Migration Review1(44), 92–93. Retrieved from


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