Hi Need To Submit A 2500 Words Paper On The Topic The Learning Log And Personal

Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic The Learning Log and Personal Plan for Language Development. The accent of my parents has influenced my linguistics rapidly. Moreover, the area is known for their position as the global exporters of the electronic equipment, chemicals, and textiles (Gholami and Bagheri, 2013). Thus, our family has to learn English to meet the global requirement. However, being the native peoples we were facing the challenges of speaking English correctly. In terms of learning English or other foreign languages like German and Spanish, my Mandarin pronunciation got inaccurate and my parents helped me a lot to rectify the languages (Grainger, 2014).

My education emphasized on the first language Mandarin which is my native language. I have faced multilingual issues in the Jiangsu are different languages are used by the local peoples. I observed that the maximum peoples of my school are using Mandarin languages, some of them using English, German and Spanish to communicate with the others. From the age of 12, I selected German as my second foreign language. However, I faced intense complexity in learning the foreign language in classrooms. Major, I faced a problem was the accent of the German language. Very less number of peoples was using the language thus I did not have the scope of learning the methods of oral communication. Teachers were just teaching us the methods like a paraphrase of Chinese and German, and some basic grammars. I have started to communicate with European classmates to improve my accent of English and German.

The discussion helped me to gain insight into various critical incidences and cross-cultural traits. The discussion of CT 5 provided me with the details of Mr. J and Mr. S. From the discussion it is observed that Mr. J is working in a foreign country which unfamiliar to him as per the culture and languages. Mr. J took the help of Mr. S to understand the culture of the new country.

However, it is also observed that the culture of Mr. S is empowering the hangouts and spending time with friends and acquaintance. They can interact with the immigrant or the foreign country members very easily and they are very helpful (Beausaert, Segers and Gijselaers, 2011).&nbsp.

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