Hi Need To Submit A 2750 Words Paper On The Topic Brand Awareness In Children

Hi, need to submit a 2750 words paper on the topic Brand Awareness in Children. Creating brand awareness in children is a sensitive issue, as an advertiser influences the original thought process of the children, who can ethically react in either way. This puts enormous pressure and social responsibility on marketers.

Creating ‘Brand awareness in children’ is a business, a creative communication process, a social phenomenon, and a fundamental ingredient of the free- enterprise system. Certain members of the business community have the misconception that children are simply fickle consumers, lack brand loyalty, do not act rationally, and move from one trend to another very swiftly. The reality is otherwise. The current generation of children is passing through a time of pervasive commercialism. With cash/credit cards and social independence at their disposal, children frequent shopping venues with more regularity. Perhaps today’s generation of children is a well-informed consumer group. The reason for this is that children find brand names everywhere. If a child watches TV then he/ she is exposed to brand names advertised during the commercials in between the shows. In schools, kids hear from their schoolmates all about brand clothes, shoes, etc. Children start recognizing brands at such an early stage of life that brand awareness in them begins around the age of two to three. It is observed that around age 2, most toddlers start asking for products by their names. One or two years later, they start evaluating products. For example, the child may start liking one brand of peanut butter (that immersed in his mind earlier) as compared to other brands of peanut butter (about which he did not earlier familiarize).

These days marketing executives are insinuating brands into the fabric of children’s lives. They want ‘cradle to grave’ brand loyalty. By the times’&nbsp.children reach their teens, they have been taught that material possession matter the most.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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