Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Essay On The Topic Assessment 2 6 Assignment Into

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Assessment 2 (6 assignment into 1).

The formula for computing surface area of pyramids shall be provided, with the teacher demonstrating how to substitute values in the formula. The students will be given exercises to practice computing for surface area of pyramids which will be checked as a class at the end of the lesson.

the concept of solid shapes and their surface areas. They should be aware that there are formulae to be followed in computing for the surface areas of various shapes and know how to substitute values and finding missing values using the formula.

The Lateral Area is surprisingly simple. Just multiply the perimeter by the side length and divide by 2. This is because the sides are always triangles and the triangle formula is base times height divided by 2

Using the formula: 1/2 × Perimeter × [Side Length] + [Base Area]. The teacher illustrates to the class how to use the formula and substitute the necessary values on the blackboard, then does a few exercises with some students she may call on. Later on, students are grouped according to their abilities, given various number problems to solve for the surface areas of various pyramids. Kozioff, et al (2000) contends that the teacher can more easily monitor the progress of the students when they work in smaller groups with more or less the same guidance needs. Killen (2003) emphasized the need to practice students’ newfound skills and in this particular case, it is the computation of the surface area of a pyramid following a prescribed formula. At the end of the session, everyone comes together to compare their answers. It will be necessary to call on students to demonstrate on the blackboard how they came up with their answers to check if they followed the correct procedure in using the formula. Should there be errors, the teacher throws the question to the class as to where it went wrong, but if students cannot figure it out, then she shows

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