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Her mother is diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer news that leaves Lily, her father and siblings in total stress. Lily is indeed a strong girl with brevity of a kind for the reason that she accepts the role of taking care of her mother confidently. Lily together with her family members, her father, brother and sisters struggle to come into terms with the loss of Jill, Lily’s mother. Over and above, Lily, just like other youth of her age, who endure the same kind of predicament, requires support for instance respite and other interventions. These interventions will help provide these youth emotional and financial relief. The program aims to obtain funding from Help the Young Foundation in order to help them overcome traumatic loss by managing stress/depression, aggression and anxiety through music therapy. This program will help youth overcome traumatic loss by music therapeutic intervention that will enable them go above the devastations, have the courage to face the bitter truth and further develop hope in life. Finally, an evaluation program that will entail interviewing and follow up strategies on the selected youth will be conducted to ascertain that the project happened as expected. Introduction This project seeks to obtain funding from the Help the Young Foundation to curb the traumatic issues that many youth endure in their lives at one time. However, before individuals can understand the youth, their families and the interventions required to help them overcome trauma, there is need to understand what trauma is all about. A trauma is a physical or psychological problem to a young person which causes threats to his or her survival or safety of another person significant to a youth (Moroz, 2005). In the present day, many youths endure emotional pain and behavioral implications as a result of preventable traumatic experiences. Some experiences lead some youth particularly into burdened lifestyles that pose serious threats to their lives. It is indeed important to bring to an end this exposure and lift the youth from this untold suffering. Youth traumatic stress arises when children and adolescents are exposed to traumatic accounts or circumstances and this kind of exposure goes beyond their capacity to manage with what they have gone through (The National Child Traumatic Stress Network, 2006). Traumatic occasions can entail physical violence, sexual exploitation, domestic mistreatment, community neglect, and or disasters (Caporino, Murray, &amp. Jensen, 2003). Despite the fact that the estimations differ, it is considered that the pervasiveness of trauma in youth in the entire population is significant. The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect establishes that above 2% of all the youths are victims of mistreatment, 13% are victims of neglect and 11% percent are victims of bodily harm, sexual violence or emotional abuse (Caporino, et al., 2003). Studies report varying rates of Post-Traumatic Over and above youth who go through traumatic episodes show a wide range of signs which go beyond internal problems for instance stress/depression and anxiety but goes even beyond to external related problem like aggression and behavioral problems or defiant code of conduct (Caporino, et al., 2003).

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