Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Essay On The Topic Innovation Ethics Change Hypoc

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Innovation, Ethics & Change-Hypocrisy.

The resistance change is human nature and the employees should undergo certain training to accept change. The managers are also encouraged to ensure the employees’ opinions with regard to certain changes, whether positive or negative is not held against them. This discourse is about guidance to help employees accept change within organizations.

There are several reasons why various employees resist change. Some employees could be perfect in their areas of duties. For instance, an employee could choose to associate himself with other races or tribes as this could seem as a let down to his personality and even the family. Such employees will always address his peers sarcastically to discourage them from further participation. The managers should identify such employees and guide them or counsel them since such attitude could limit the overall productivity of an organization ( Kegan & Lahey 2001).

Mistakes in any working organizations are to both the employees and even the managers. The global financial crisis was a mistake of the topmost leaders in the financial institutions as well as the legislators. The legislators involved despised opinions of various experts and their decisions still have an impact on the global economy to the current date. We may have the urge to accept change but there are factors called the sidetracks that may limit our abilities to embrace such changes. One of the sidetracks is the ‘forces within’ and these are our personal thoughts that encourage resistance to change. This could also be attributed to the people surrounding us. The emotional attachment could also hinder us from accepting changes, for instance, Yahoo boss turned down deal termed as one of its kind, when Microsoft was ready to buy its search engine at $22 B, in 2008.

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