Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Essay On The Topic The Horse Gallops Co For Infor

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic The Horse Gallops co for Information mangment system.

There are several departments in the company dealing with the various logistics required in real estate. The contractors deal with the building of houses, while the maintenance department ensures that the commercial units are well maintained and operational. The trading and mortgage department deal with payment of the houses and general financial matters, while the general services department deals with serving the customers’ needs.

I am the general manager of the Horse and Gallops Company. My role in the company is to ensure that the requirements of every customer are met by the various departments. It is, therefore, my job to link the various departments and ensure that the houses or commercial units are finished in time and as promised. There have been several complaints from customers that these departments are not linked and one has to jump from office to office to solve their problems. When it comes to payment there is also a disconnection between an individual who has to pay cash to the various departments. This problem is especially common when a customer wants more than one partition.

Shaping of new businesses means latest threats for the businesses. New trends in Horse and Gallops are frequently employed to curb these risks. With the growth of the business, purchasing and developing innovative technological keys that cater to dangers that did not exist in the company when it was established should be enhanced. As different parties respond differently to unlike hazards, this enables them to set security aims. Understanding security perils is an extremely crucial step for organizations that want to set up security policies that can prevent future hazards. This approach is also called Threat scrutiny. It simply entails on pointing out the assets at risk, plus the evaluation of potential dangers on them.

This is the most faced threat by most of today’s companies. The emerging and constant

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