Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Essay On The Topic The Role I Play In Communicati

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic The Role I Play in Communication Subject.

In this roleplay, I should have enough confidence to overcome fear and perform my topic. As a presenter, confidence is vital in the presentation. It can influence many things. For example, with enough confidence, the presenter’s volume becomes louder and the pitch becomes confident. Similarly, the behavior of the presenter becomes more natural. I would play the role of a manager in the role play. Therefore, I should have confidence in myself to manage conflicts with customers. Besides, the audience or receiver would feel more comfortable and the messages from the presenter would go more efficiently to the receivers. Consequently, it can influence the feedback from the receiver to the messages.

Confidence is a kind of reflection from presenters’ psychological status. There are some factors that result in the decrease in the confidence level of a presenter. For example, fear to talk in front of lots of people, particularly, in the second language. Whether the audience understand what I am talking about? Whether they like my overall performance in the presentation? These are some questions that every presenter has in mind during and after the presentation. The presenters who do not have enough confidence feel anxious about these things. Another reason that leads to a decrease in confidence is the lack of preparation for the presentation.

The presenter needs to become familiar with the speech and should practice the speech again and again before going for the final round. Secondly, the presenter should know his/her audience very well. It can be a virtuous cycle when people present confidently. The receivers give a positive feedback to the presenter, which is a very positive response for the presenter. Consequently, the presenter becomes more confident for the rest of the presentation and delivers the speech more confidently and smoothly.&nbsp.

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