Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Essay On The Topic To What Extent Migrating To Th

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic To what extent migrating to the US impacted on Arab identities.

This result in the ultimate variation and changes in identity concept person’s self. In most cases, the change in location or region –migration creates bereavement of the cultural identity. The scope of the question on which extent is migrating to the US impacted on Arab identities is divisible into several segments regarding eyesight on the impacts of American culture on Arab culture (Hermans & Kempen, 1988).

These segments include religion, education, family, generosity and hospitality and work alterations. Culture refers to the quality inherent in a person or even a society which normally rises from the established norms and belief of the society which may entail manners, scholarly pursuits, letters, and arts. More, the culture is defined as the entailed characteristics of a scrupulous group of people which is normally described and defined by everything ranging from religion language, cuisine, music, arts and social habits. For instance, US is typically comprised of the immigrants and therefore the American is mostly defined by the largest group or the dominating group that comprises the largest portion of us. Identity refers to a set or collective grounds that define the characteristics of a thing (McCarus, 1994). In this case a thing refers to people. Culture and identity are integrated in the culture is normally acquired or learned from generation to another subsequent generation and entails value scheme or moral in the society (Herman and Kempen, 1988. Culture normally is intrinsic features that hugely glue people consistently as one in the community. Identity on contrary elucidates on the totality of a person’s self-perception and self-knowing. Identity and culture integrated with that they are usually inseparable in most cases. Both identity and culture avail recognition and belonging of people and are hence integrated widely (Hermans & Kempen,

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