Hi Need To Submit A 3000 Words Essay On The Topic Using The Case Study From Yukl

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words essay on the topic Using the case study from Yukl (2010) Leadership in Organizations,pages 540-543 Turnaround at Nissan, answer the following questions:1) What was done to improve efficiency,adaptation, and human relations, and how were the potential trade-offs.

In an organizational context, the direction is towards achievement of preset goals in the mission statement and other written documents.

It is evident that leadership is not easy (Alimo and Alban 2000, p. 2-7. Jacobs and Jaques 1987, p.7-65). The employees of any organization are complicated and each comes with varied expectations. Most of them may have been trained differently and their work experience may differ. According to Dasborough (2006, p. 163-165) their character traits and motivations are also very varied, and every leader must take into considerations such complexities. According to Schmid. Berdahl and Anderson (2002 p. 27-39. 2005, p.45), different genders also accomplish tasks differently and perceive leadership in different ways. Further, innovation and further research has brought about a set of new styles of leadership. Therefore, a leader is expected to bring harmony amidst of all these complexities (George 2006, p.778. Judge et al 2002, p.768-770)

There are several types of leadership styles (Kouzes1999, p.15-12. Pielstick 1998, p.16-20. Bass and Avolio 1994, p.15-25). These include, autocratic and bureaucratic, transformational and democratic styles, participative and people oriented leadership among others. Leadership styles vary from the traditional approach to the modern styles. The traditional leader was formal, and offered the ultimate authority to the organization (Kickul & Neumann 2000, p.25-30) It was further divided into a hierarchical structure, with each leader offering a definite authority. However, times have changed and better styles have come in. The tasks accomplished by the organizations are also complex and the employees are more trained in the modern day. This has made it hard to continue applying the same styles. Rather, many organizations are moving into an era where adjustments are being made as far as leadership is concerned. .

The topic of leadership is addressed in the

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