higher order thinking teaching skills

Part A

Reflect on higher-order thinking teaching strategies currently being used inside a high school math class. Consider the following:

  1. Types of prompts/activities/questions that stimulate discussions.
  2. Examples of lessons that promote creative and innovative thinking using technology and working collaboratively.

Summarize your thinking in 250-500 words, about higher-order thinking strategies being used in schools. Provide detailed examples of the methods discussed and specific lessons that exhibit current teaching practice that incorporates effective use of technology.

Part B

Review completed lesson plan above. Now identify how to incorporate supportive higher-order thinking skills. Refine lesson plan and coordinate an opportunity to teach the lesson to a small group of students.

Summarize your discussions+ in 250-500 words, about incorporating supportive higher-order thinking skills as well as the expectations for the lesson that can be taught. Be sure to reflect upon how focusing on higher-order thinking will affect future professional practice.

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