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Hypotheses Are Lead Female Characters Really Leading Write 2 400 Essays For The

(Hypotheses)      Are lead Female characters really leading?

Write 2    400 essays for the 2 articles listed below. Answer the questions below related to the hypotheses Are lead Female characters really leading?

Key concepts and ideas of the articles related rationales or explanations for thehypotheses, theory/concept development/discussion/debate) of the articles?What is the background informationWhat are the key findings and/or implications of this article? 

How this article directly ties to your group’s topic?

1. Scheiner-Fisher, C., & Russell, W. B. (2012). Using Historical Films to Promote Gender Equity in the History Curriculum. Social Studies, 103(6), 221. 

2. Selisker, S. (n.d.). The Bechdel Test and the Social Form of Character Networks. NEW LITERARY HISTORY, 46(3), 505–523. Retrieved from


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