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I Need 20 Pages Of Literature Review Publication Quality No Plagiarism Using At

  I need 20 pages of literature review, publication quality, no plagiarism. using at least 30 citations from the attached sources pages or the book.  also the project proposal attached in here. using end note for all citations


1. Waxy crude Oil: Flow assurance problem in pipelines; trucks; subsea  

2. How wax precipitation occurs 

3. Industrial Methods that have been employed previously to solve flow assurance problem; Thermal, mechanical and chemical 

4. Laboratory techniques used to characterize appearance temperature

5. phase change using water bath and monitoring cloud and pore point

6. Differential scanning clarometry 

7. Missing information in literature on how share affects the wax appearance temperature  and how we are improving the knowledge in this field

8, missing information on literature on how pressure affects the WAT, by dissolving methane into the waxy oil how thats going to change WAT 


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