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I Need A Multisim Design Circuit How Can Iusethe 2016 6116 Sram To Design A Cir

I need help with this Lab assignment on:(I Need a Multisim Design Circuit)

How can I use the 2016 / 6116 SRAM to design a circuit that displays the letters through g on a seven-segment display. The circuit will have three inputs (X, Y, Z)

which represent the last 3 bits of the ASCII code for the letter to be displayed. For example, if XYZ = 001, “A” will be shown. You could display any character

or nothing for the input of “000.” The letters should be displayed in the following form: A b C d E F g (note case). Design the circuit using the SRAM to implement

the required functions for each segment. Use a seven-segment display module for the output. Connect the segments of the 7-segment display directly to the output of

the SRAM.(On Multisim use RAM chip HM6116A120))

Please design a separate memory maps for the required circuits. Use this data to populate the memories during circuit operation and/or demonstration. 



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