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.III Xfinity Mobile LTE 6:37 PM E a 8% E]! Ambushed! Do you remember which athletic shoe company sponsored the2012 London Olympics? [1‘ you remember Nike, you’re right inline with 37′ percent of US. consumers who identified Nike as asponsor at the time rather than 24 percent who identified Adidas,who actually was the official sponsor and who paid about 40million British pounds for the privilege. The reason may be thatNike developed an extraordinarily creative “ambush" marketingprogram around the lOlympics that hijacked buzz from theofficial sponsors. Like many other spectators, you probablyremember the eye-catchin g neon yellow VOLT shoes that morethan 400 runners and other athletes were during Olympic events,at Nike’s behest, attracting considerable attention and publicity.Just before the Olympics opened, Nike also launched a lush TVad called “Find Your Greatness” that featured exciting amateurathletic events in different Londons all over the world fromLondon, Ohio to London, Nigeria. The ad immediately wentviral, with viewership eclipsing Adidas“ competing ad in just aweek. Nike employed similar tactics to ambush buzz fromofficial World Cup sponsors—including Adidas—in 2010. Theshoe may be on the other foot in 2016, when Nike will he anofficial sponsor of the Rio Olympics, which Adidas will notsponsor. Host countries and host cities of major event routinelyenact antlsmbush marketing laws, but creative marketers canroutinely subvert them (for instance by not mentioning London,England or London 20” in their ads}. Ambush marketing has become a quite controversial topic, with arguments both for andagainst it. Key points: In favor of ambush marketing: – Done within the bounds of the law, ambush marketingrepresents highly creative marketing promotion. – Ambush marketing increases consumer choices, rather thanlimiting choices to the products (and prices] provided byofficial event sponsors. Against ambush marketing: – By its very nature, ambush marketing is deceptive, creating afalse association between a brand and an event. – The ambush marketer is essentially stealing buzz from theofficial sponsors of events, who paid richly for theirsponsorship rights. Regardless of how creative theexecution, stealing is unethical. Question . As a businessperson, could you support ambush marketing?Provide the rationale for your answer. if you do not supportambush marketing, what do you think are appropriateconsequences for ambush marketers?I E [I] E


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