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In Analyzing The Film Crash As A Dramatic Work What Would You Have To Say About

 In analyzing the film CRASH as a dramatic work, what would you have to say about it?  How do you interpret its meaning?  And what is its value as a film, and/or as a dramatic work?  Through issues like color, ethnic background, racism, sexism, community values, violence, notions of family, guilt, anger, redemption and forgiveness—what else?), would you say the film offers any important insights into cultural and social values in this time period we’re all living in?  How or why is the film relevant to you and your mindset?  Or not? Would you say the conflicts the characters face might be said to mirror our own?   

 Using the film as evidence (scenes, characters, dialogue, etc.), write an essay that analyzes the meaning and value of this film as drama.  What is its worth in our current culture?  What entertainment value does it have?  Discuss as well your response to the film and how its messages may or may not be relevant to your way of being in the world or to your experience.  In addition, if you choose, you can discuss the form or structure of this film:  how is the filming of it relevant to the content of the film itself?   

 (Do not forget to provide proof or evidence of your assertions with examples and detail from the film, key scenes or dialogue.  How you answer this essay is up to you, so be creative.  I do not expect you to answer all these questions, of course; most are here to give you choices.  Also, do not just spout off your viewpoint without carefully considering details of the film.) 


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