international marketing 52

1. With respect to the stages of international market involvement, describe the unique aspects of global marketing (sometimes termed a global marketing orientation or the global marketing concept). Explain why global marketing is generally considered to be strategically superior to other approaches to international marketing involvement. Offer an example of a company/business that is at the global marketing level – Coca-Cola cannot be used as the example. Justify your choice of the company/business with specific details concerning why you believe it to be engaged in global marketing.

2. A crucial element in understanding any nation’s business and political culture is the subjective perception of its history. Explain the meaning of this statement and then respond to the three items below.

(a) Select a nation (you cannot select the United States, China, Japan, Canada, Germany, or Mexico) and provide an example of the subjective perception of history for that nation.

(b) For the nation selected in part (a), indicate whether that nation generally follows M-time (monochromic) or P-time (polychromic). Be sure to explain both the differences between these two time systems and why your selected nation can generally be considered to be following Mtime or P-time.

(c) For the nation selected in part (a), examine business customs and expectations by identifying a cultural imperative, a cultural elective, and a cultural exclusive of that nation.

3. The United States economy has recently experienced a period of relatively high unemployment. Examine some of the common arguments for American protectionism and indicate which of these arguments (if any) is strengthened as a result of recent economic conditions. Fully explain why you believe the protectionist arguments are strengthened or not strengthened. Do you believe there is a relationship between protectionism, the self-reference criterion, and ethnocentrism? Explain.

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