interview assignment 12

INSTRUCTIONS: You are to interview a woman who has given birth AT LEAST 60 years ago about her pregnancy and birth experience. You must present detailed and accurate analysis including “DIRECT QUOTES” of in her birthing experience and the story she told you. Present at least 4 birthing practices including cultural activities and compare her experience with at least four current trends in maternity care. The report must not exceed six (6) double spaced pages. There must be a reference page. All reports must follow APA format.


1. Cover Page: The cover page covers all required components with the date, time, setting, duration of the interaction, the interviewed; and her relationship or how connected to the student

2, Summary: A comprehensive and detailed summary of the interview interaction using at least 8-10 direct quotes by the interviewed as needed. A description of the interview setting; presented at least 3 cultural influences of the birthing experience.

3. Comparison Provide a minimum of four detailed areas of comparison with current trends in Obstetric within the interviewed birthing experience. Used a minimum of three reference journal articles to support presentation of the trends in the story.

4. Writing Mechanics Writing is clear and concise. Sentence structure and grammar are excellent. Correct use of punctuation. No errors noted

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