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Is Points Stain Mill Put Consider The Follow Ing Blunder Will Leg Wage Tonite C

Hi can anyone help me how to do these problems? STATA problems

Questions is compute the missing numbers.

PID :2. ( Is points ) Stain mill putConsider the follow ing Blunder will ^leg wage tonite callgrad . "Lingn’t regressionWithtime of citing2. 231Fila) . 32701127 74Prob & F1. 095}Hunt MEERobustCost -SEN . ETC .Felt!196% Cant , Interval!tenure|LEZGITeDIDGET$ 124271420154 43Callgrad !)3 . 42026. 305 EREZ11:27_ LONE{{`- 17898 853.3. 67$_ 65:4035$_ 35.327 !)Compute the missing numbers . Round your final answer to the decimal places*21^8.272. 834. 03( C )6.00


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