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Is The Election Of The 15 Adult Binomial Experiment Explain The Felection Of Th

You may need to use the appropriate appendix table or technology to answer this question.

According to a 2013 study by the Pew Research Center, 15% of adults in the United States do not use the Internet. Suppose that 15 adults in the United States are selected randomly.

=) IS the =Election of the 15 adult= = binomial Experiment ?" Explain .THE FELECtion of the 15 aCUTE _ _ _=Ed_ { | } binomial ExperiITEnt , SINCE the adultE Er= =Elected randomly , { – SELEs_ _ _ {| the same from trial_ a trial and the trial= – GELEGT_ _ _ Tinc =pendent . There are – Elect -*{| OUTCOMES PIER trial."I ) What is the probability that none of the Edult LEE the Internet ? | Found Your answer to four DEFINE! FECES .][ c ; What is the probability that 4 of the adult= do not LEE the Internet ? ( Found your answer to four decimal places .]I’d; What is the probability that at least 1 of the adult= LEE = the Internet ? | Found Your answer to four decimal FaCEE . !’


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