issues for debate in american public policy

Answer all six questions in 2 PAGE essay format. Must not exceed two pages and must be written in times new roman 10 size font. Reference page is using APA style. Again, must not exceed two pages and must be written in 10 size font essay format. Can use the book:Issues for debate in American public policy 19th edition CQ (7th case in book)

1) Will exiting trade agreements and imposing stiff tariffs damage the U.S. economy? Who are the winners from such policies? The losers?

2) Do the Trump administration’s trade policies improve the well-being of the working-class base that put him into office such as coal miners, laborers, construction workers? Explain.

3) Does the President the temperament to be successful as a leader? As an administrator? As a policymaker? Explain your answer.

4) Does the President have a tendency for bravado, self-promotion, and failure to accept factual information contrary to his personal vision? Explain.

5) In your opinion, is the laughter that President Trump evoked with his claims in the speech to the U.N. General Assembly this week indicative of the level of respect other nations have for the United States and our current leadership? Why or why not?

6) So far, is the Trump presidency a success? A failure? Or something else?

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