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Juvenile Court Flow Chartweek 12 Assignment One Page Needed After Reviewing The

 Juvenile court flow chart

Week 12 Assignment One page needed

After reviewing the materials for this chapter, create a flow chart or pamphlet that would explain the process of juvenile court to a juvenile.  There are a number of resources on the internet for the steps to each part of the process.  Please focus not only on the steps, but also explaining each step.  Some of the key parts of the process that I want you to describe include arrest, detention, diversion, adjudicatory hearing, plea, disposition hearing, probation and incarceration.  Make this project your own.  I want you to focus on making this accessible and easy to understand from a juvenile’s perspective. 


One Paragraph Needed

  • Juvenile Supreme Court cases
  • Discussion Topic : Using your book on page 212 or the powerpoint at slide 5 and 6, pick one of the cases and describe why you believe it is an important case to juvenile delinquency, the rights of juvenile and the court system.  Also respond to two of your classmates.  


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