learning domain merits the most and which the least emphasis in his her particular professional

Select an activity professional (e.g., teacher, personal trainer, athletic trainer, physical therapist, & occupational therapist), and briefly explain the four learning domains to that person. Ask this individual which learning domain merits the most and which the least emphasis in his/her particular professional setting and the reasons for that opinion. Do you agree or disagree with his/her rationale? Why or why not?

  • Explain the purpose of the interview to the professional
  • Provide a date and place where the interview took place (example, the interview took place at the office on Friday, October 05, 2018)
  • Do not list the name of the professional
  • Explain, and discuss the four domains in your written report
  • Probe for questions regarding the scope of these domains
  • Do not list points, or terms, rather summarize in writing your interview
  • Textbook citation required (Reference at the end of your report)
  • Interview someone outside your field
  • I am looking for quality work
  • Plagiarized work will receive a 0


  1. Times New Roman, with 12 point font size double- spaced
  2. Limit your narrative to 4 pages, or 1000 words
  3. 100 points available for this assignment
  4. Check spelling before submitting your work
  5. Cite Textbook
  6. Provide a Reference page

Dr. Zengaro

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