marketing write and answer questions 1

Use the two articles covering the Customer Experience topic (under Knowledge Board Articles) as the basis for your discussion board comments. Students will be graded based on how they integrate concepts and frameworks of the Buyer Behavior lecture materials in understanding the phenomenon described in these articles. Also, students are encouraged to research materials related to this topic from other external sources and list all referenced sources. please Offered detailed discussion of takeaways plus critical reviews listing citations based on referenced research + answered posted questions.

a) What is customer experience?,

b) What it takes to design a superior customer experience?,

c) How to align customer experience, through transformative services, with consumers’ happiness over journey touchpoints? and d) why customer experience is more relevant today than ever before?

In addition, I want you to write comments about these 3 students responses (It’s a discussion board) here and example of a student comment

Hey Jonathan –

One thing that really struck me with the articles was the emphasis on companies to be consistent with their delivery of the customer experience. There are a lot of different channels customers can use now to interact with a company. As such, I empathize with companies as it can take a lot of resources and skills to ensure customers have a positive experience with all interactions. But, the payoff when companies are able to replicate the same experience is pretty amazing. A 2014 McKinsey & Company highlighted if a company attempts to maximize the customer experience, they may see a return as much as 20% with increasing customer satisfaction Pulido, Stone, & Strevel, 2014). In turn, this satisfaction has the ability to increase revenues by 15% while simultaneously lowering the cost of serving customers as much as 20% (Pulido, Stone, & Strevel, 2014). If I could achieve such results when running a company, wouldn’t you try to be consistent in your delivery of the customer experience? I would!

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