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Multiple Choice Questions Name Kelvin Brum Di

Multiple-Choice Questions

Name __Kelvin Brum________________________________

Directions: Record your answer on the line that precedes the number of the question. Save the document at the end and paste into the assignment link before the 25 minutes has expired.

__D_1.  According to Nils Roll-Hansen, the social role of basic research or science did NOT include:

   a. it was a crucial ingredient in the ideology of liberal democracy

   b. it strengthened the economy

   c. it was a knowledge base that served practical tasks through

      applied science

   d. none of the above

___2.  According to Nils Roll-Hansen, the root value of the post-World War II ideal of science is:

        a. practicality

        b. contribution to innovation

        c. truthfulness

        d. contribution to the economy

__D_3.  According to Nils Roll-Hansen, basic and applied research differ in their:

        a. criteria for success or failure

        b. effects on social processes

        c. degree of autonomy from political and economic interests

        d. all the above

___4.  According to Nils Roll-Hansen, political and economic steering is not appropriate for:

        a. typical basic research

        b. typical applied research

        c. any kind of research

        d. none of the above

___5.  According to Venkatesh Narayanamurti, et al., much of the debate over the “false dichotomy” of basic/applied research centers on:

        a. the political unpopularity of scientific truth

        b. the appropriate federal role in innovation

        c. the role of science in the economy

        d. the role of science in national defence

___6.  According to Venkatesh Narayanamurti, et al., knowledge grows:

        a. in linear fashion, from basic research to applied research to


        b. in linear fashion, from applied research to basic research to


        c. through a richly interwoven system with no clear hierarchy of

        importance and no linear trajectory

        d. as tentative discoveries are affirmed by authorities

___7.  According to Venkatesh Narayanamurti, et al., a critical liability of the basic/applied model of scientific research is that it:

        a. is based on the researcher’s motivation

        b. misrepresents the sequence of the steps in the

          invention/discovery process

        c. fails to recognize the crucial importance of economic factors

        d. fails to see that the point of scientific research is not

           understanding but application

___8.  According to Venkatesh Narayanamurti, et al., to understand fully the path of research requires:

        a. understanding researchers’ motivations

        b. understanding why governments fund research

        c. adopting a short time frame

        d. adopting a long time frame


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