Need An Argumentative Essay On Social Network Analysis Needs To Be 6 Pages Pleas

Need an argumentative essay on Social network analysis. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

etwork approach which gives importance to the fact that power is inherently relational .so from the visualization of the SAMPLK3 which incorporates the groups one can find out the most central actors in the network.

With the use of UCINet all different kinds of relations can be understood at the same time. In this data there are several group produced by Sampson and in this group there are several actors. The groups can be described as below:

It is a fact that an individual does not possess power in the abstract form. however they have power because they have the capability to dominate others. In other sense, they have ego’s power that means alters’ dependence. Here in the data we have many actors and they form a network.

Different actors in the network has different role and with the help of the network the most central actor can be found. Here the most central actors can be found out with the study of power. This is done with the help of degree centrality where counting the number of in-ties and out-ties of the nodes suggests certain actors are more “central”. In case an actor receives many ties he is said to be prominent. In this generated graph, it can be noticed that Elias situated at the centre of the network and several members in the group somehow does not have ties with one another. Also, there are seven individual who are in isolated position in the network which suggest that they have no major role to play in the network.

The main central actors in the network are Elias, Peter and John. Here, by simply counting the number of in-ties and out-ties of the nodes can suggest actors. Here we can see that this network is helpful in indicating the central actors. If we consider the whole network, then we can see that there exists a group of central actors. It can be understood that “centrality” is an attribute of individual actors and hence they have certain position in the network .Here, certain actors are more central .Here, we can see that actors

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