Need An Argumentative Essay On The Problem Of Privacy In The Age Of Google Glass

Need an argumentative essay on The problem of privacy in the age of google glass. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Privacy is like a basic factor in the life of every single person that lives on this planet called earth. Therefore, this makes it right for everyone, and it should not be invaded or intruded by anyone especially every other member of the public. For example, future, wearable digital devices are constantly being invented and being illustrious in the mainstream news media. People are gradually embracing the idea that our future digital life will be with view computers, brain-computer interfaces, digital tattoos and head-up. In keeping with the Google Glass phenomenon, these are devices that are often spoken off way before they are even produced and made available for the general public to buy and use. The fact should be that as the future-proposed technology and inventions move on, people need to understand the concepts that drive the devices that these inventors create, nonetheless also the social structuring and identity building that humans endure in this gradual process.

On to the first issue, this is the privacy in the web and the current problem that it entails. The web is like the central place where almost everyone visits on more than one occasion in a single day. Mostly for over the half the population of the world who are in the social media sites, the web is like their daily need, and before they use it they cannot feel that their day is complete. Most of these social media sites require one to enter their personal details making others able to view and observe others’ personal information. Just as Mark Andrejevic said in his book, the web allows one to be watched easily and closely. One can be tracked, through the use of programs that use the GPS system which is most efficient in the web, surveillance that can be executed at will also be possible through the web. Mark Andrejevic went to the extent of writing a book namely, “The Work of Being Watched:

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