Need An Argumentative Essay On Unofficial Support For Lotes Needs To Be 1 Pages

Need an argumentative essay on Unofficial support for LOTEs. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

For example, during marriage ceremonies, they use these languages because the main marriage makers in the city have memorized the languages. Different churches use these languages in their masses with an example being the Catholic Church since they conduct their services in Spanish, Italian, French, Polish, and Haitian. Television channels and different newspapers publish their news in LOTEs, in mayoral campaigns, the New Yorkers apply LOTEs. Finally, they allow interpretation of government proceedings for LOTEs to enhance understanding among the population (Mair 166).

In NYC, dissimilar departments value and encourage the use of LOTEs. For example, both the domestic and international business sectors in the City have implemented a policy to promote LOTEs, as they believe it attracts many individuals involved in business. This method is applicable with the AT & Tlanguage line, which is a full time free telephone service interpreting more than 140 LOTEs to NYC banks, utilities, hotels and businesses (Mair 167)

The ethno-linguistic enclaves in NYC support language maintenance through different manners. For example, they speak LOTEs in their homes, in business activities, churches, during marriage ceremonies and government proceedings (Mair

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