Need An Research Paper On Film And Television Genre Needs To Be 3 Pages Please N

Need an research paper on film and television genre. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. Film genre can be classified into the following.Action films.These are films characterized by fights, battles and destructive crises such as floods, natural disasters and fires. Good examples are the James Bond films and martial arts films.Adventure films.They are exciting stories with new experience, they include films that are based on treasure hunts, jungle and desert epics.Comedy.These are designed to provoke laughter with jokes, they exaggerate a situation. There are various types of comedies they include romantic comedies, black comedies, slapstick and parodies.Crime or gangster films.They are based on actions to combat crime, they are in most cases referred to as detective mystery films and examples include serial killer films and bank robbery films.Drama films.Are those films that portray realistic characters and life situations. This is the largest film genre and they do not focus on specific effects such as comedy or action.Historical films.They are usually historically imaged films that are focus on myths, legends and heroic figures. Good examples are Bible-based films.Horror films.They are films that are designed to frighten and invoke our hidden fears. They include satanic films, monster films, Dracula films and serial killers.Musical or dance films.They are films that are centred on music, dance and songs. Examples are concert films and musical comedies.Science fiction films.They are based on imaginative scientific ideas, they include alien films, distant planet films. The genre categories are broad enough to accommodate any film ever made. Film categories can never be precise and films tend to be crossbreeds or hybrids, this is to mean that a film has more than one genre that is overlapping. Detective mystery film, they cannot be classified as main genre films because they are both thrillers and gangster films. Therefore they are classified according to their hybridity and not by specific genres. From the above examples of hybrids we can conclude the present films are classified as hybrids, it is for the simple reason that they cannot be classified as specific genres. The genre classification has no closed boundaries because they are formed by certain sets of conventions and classification is based on recurring patterns.

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