Need An Research Paper On Weaning From A Ventilator Early Extubation Post Cabg N

Need an research paper on weaning from a ventilator (early extubation) post cabg. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. The ventilator is one such equipment that is it in great demand and so I decided to explore if there was a possibility to wean the post-operative Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) patients from the ventilators to reduce the time patients spend in the intensive care unit, cutting down on costs and pressure on the demand for these medical units. I found that on one side there was support for the early extubation of post CABG surgery patients, but there was also opposition to it. This created in me the desire to learn more on this subject, in an effort to provide better care to the patients in this intensive care unit and in that create the possibility of extending it to post CABG surgery patients in other critical care units.

The plan of action in this endeavour would be to make use of the best available research to provide evidence on the subject of early extubation of post CABG surgery patients and then link it to the clinical expertise of the management of these patients and the preferences of these patients, to arrive at the best solution to early extubation in post CABG surgery patients. This would enable providing the most appropriate healthcare to these patients and would remain embedded in the tenets of evidence based learning in providing healthcare to patients.

The study would aim at collecting available evidence on the subject of early extubation of post CABG surgery patients, by studying articles in available journals in libraries and also to use medical databases like MedScape in an attempt to collect evidence that would lead to the right conclusion on the possibility of early extubation in post CABG surgery patients and should the evidence provide that it is possible, locate evidence that provides the right protocol and systems that need to be utilised when employing early extubation in post CABG surgery patients.

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