Need Help With My Writing Homework On Expulsion Of Two Uo Students Write A 250 W

Need help with my writing homework on Expulsion of Two UO Students. Write a 250 word paper answering; Expulsion of Two UO The expulsion penalty given to the who involved themselves in the racist chant was a great violation of their rights as protected by the First Amendment. Thus, it was unconstitutional for UO president, Boren to expel these students. It is essential to point that public universities including Oklahoma form part of the arms of the state. For this reason, such institution of higher learning needs to respect the right to free speech of their students even if it is hateful. The Supreme Court on several counts clarified and ruled on this issue. Thus, it was necessary for the university not to disregard this freedom of speech. This action contradicts the initial statement made by the UO president, which stated that expelling any student is beyond his power. It was necessary for the university not to expel these students.

The freedom of speech on college campuses on a number of occasions has been under serious threats. Even though, what the student displayed by racist chant was not in any way proper in fostering cohesiveness and embracing diversity, the ultimate action of the university was not dissent regarding the students’ right to make free speech. It is vital to change this kind of action. otherwise, it will set a precedent that is dangerous. The expelled students have every right to sue the university. However, in as much as the First Amendment reinforces this right, it is crucial for the students to acknowledge that their free speech can a time create a hostile environment for other students.

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