Need Help With My Writing Homework On What Is Internet Marketing Write A 2250 Wo

Need help with my writing homework on What is Internet Marketing. Write a 2250 word paper answering; However great the opportunity is for Closet to introduce its brands and clothing line given its marketing plan, the company still needs to identify its Communications Plan to be assured that it will reach its target market within the desired period and achieve 100% of its financial objectives.

Closet shall position itself as a retailer of youthful, yet sophisticated clothing lines aimed at dressing up today’s career women. It will be warm, classy yet accessible to the modern-day cosmopolitan woman. The closet does not really emphasize on age but on attitude. It would provide clothing to women who require a comfortable yet sophisticated set of wardrobe that would match their career and their fast-paced lifestyle.

Closet embodies the British Lifestyle. It represents the modern-day woman – classy, sophisticated, yet trendy and youthful-looking. As a brand, it represents class and elegance, yet it proves to be accessible to all those who wish to acquire the Closet Lifestyle due to its strong presence through various media vehicles.

Roughly about 35% of Closet’s monthly operational budget shall be allocated to Advertising and Promotional strategies alone. This includes expenses to be incurred in utilizing mainstream media particularly print advertising. other alternative media. and design and production of merchandising and promotional materials.

Mainstream-wise, Closet shall utilize print advertising particularly through tie-ups with different magazines. Although this would not be the company’s primary vehicle in promoting its products, it would just aim to maximize its relationship with these magazines whose websites Closet shall be utilized in its online campaigns.

Internet Marketing has become popular because Internet access is becoming more widely&nbsp.available and used. Well over one-third of consumers who have Internet access at home report to using the Internet to make purchases (What is Internet marketing 2004).&nbsp.

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