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Nonprofit V Criminal Justicecriminal Justice Organizations And Nonprofit Organi

 Nonprofit v Criminal Justice

Criminal justice organizations and nonprofit organizations have a lot of factors and/or characteristics that are similar as well as different. These types of organizations are out there for members of society to help those who are in need as well as gain that experience necessary to fulfill that spot they need within themselves and their life.

To start off, “nonprofit organizations occupy a unique third sector with diverse resource dependencies, arising mainly from private donations and labor, but subsidized by government exemption of certain public tax obligations to encourage charitable activity (Oelbrger, 2016)”. With that being said, a non profit organization, such as the Masonic family, which is a very controversial idea, raises money for those charities such as Shriners Hospital as well as military troops who are actively deployed. Not only this, but they also award their members with scholarships for doing good deeds around their community. I know this personally as my dad is an active Mason.

Criminal justice organizations have many goals as well. Their goals consist of helping those around their community and the country. One of the goals mentioned by the Department of Justice (2018) is to “prevent Crime, Protect the Rights of the American People, and Enforce Federal Law”. As criminal justice employees, they are putting their life on the line whereas daily to help serve their people. Whereas, nonprofit organizations are helping those in their community by serving them with needs that they have, that do not require putting their life on the line.

Both organizations however, are doing what they need to do to help support those around their community. They are both helping their community and those in need when it is needed. Between protection, or fundraisers, or support financially, these organizations do what they have to do to ensure that they are getting their name out there in a positive manner, of course.


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