operational management 9

use a personal story based on an experience in the workplace. You will need to explore the antecedents (what leads to) and consequences (what results from) of the issue you chose to focus on in organizations. Choose a story that you can document from your experience (at work) such that your write-up relates the discussion on burnout to the core issues in operations management (e.g. supply chain, productivity, quality, process improvement, etc. – or some combination of operations-related issues). A crucial part of the paper is the causal loop diagram. You will need to describe and justify all the elements and the the causal links between elements. You will need to identify the balancing and reinforcing loops. It is important to keep in mind that your narrative is consistent with your causal loop diagram. I have provided useful links for you. A typical outline for your term paper is the following :

  1. Introduction (including literature review)
  2. Narrative (that includes the CLD)
  3. Discussion (including learning issues)
  4. Conclusion (including implications for managers)

Please use the APA style for references

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