peds in sports

Instructions: Sports management professionals at all levels face tough decisions on a regular, and often daily basis. Consistency is a critical component for all successful managers and leaders, especially when dealing with problem solving. If different decisions are made for similar situations it can create an even bigger problem as employees, coaches, players, and/or clientele will be looking for an explanation and justification. If these things cannot be provided the conclusion is often that favoritism was involved.

To avoid such situations managers are often taught to use specific decision making models. Attached is a presentation about a six-step decision-making model. Read the attached information and use it and the information you have learned through your Ethical Lens Inventory to analyze the following situation:

You are going out to dinner with friends when you see three student-athletes from your school talking with someone who has been known to distribute PEDs. Before you can call out to the student-athletes you see each of them give this person money and receive a bag of some sort. You cannot tell what’s inside the bags, and everyone disperses before you have a chance to do or say anything. You don’t think the student-athletes saw you so you head into the restaurant.

Based on your current or chosen career path, you are employed at the school as one of the following: athletic trainer, sports information director, head coach, strength and conditioning coach, compliance director, or athletic director. The first paragraph of your response should describe your position at the school, and the size, and level (collegiate, high school, etc.) of the school. Be creative when naming the institution, and people involved! 🙂

Use the decision-making model outlined in the attachment, along with the knowledge you’ve gained through the Ethical Lens Inventory, to provide an analysis and summation of the situation. You need to provide at lest five objectives and criteria (step two) and five alternatives (step three). What you present should be broken down into the six steps as defined as opposed to presenting it in a narrative format. Be sure to clearly present your preferred decision and how you plan to implement that decision.

Since this is an assignment, you need to include an APA formatted title page and if you use any references, be sure to include a reference page.