please respond to the following bus 520 assignment 1 week 3 organizational issues and solutions



Leaders address issues and propose solutions. As a leader, you’ll need to stay on top of events that may facilitate or hinder productivity. You must create and implement solutions to address these issues. This assignment exposes you to complex modern organizational challenges. The solutions you devise should reflect your learning and research of organizational and individual influences in the workplace.


The new CEO has selected your consulting firm to give him/her an analysis of the organizational efficiency.

Write a double-spaced 2 to 3 page paper in which you will present to the CEO your findings during your research steps. You must propose strategic solutions in your paper to include the following:

1) Describe the Organization and the Issue to Resolve • Provide a brief description of the organization you selected. • Present the organizational issue that adversely affected productivity and that you, the consultant, will review and resolve.

2) Analyze Current Corporate Culture • How has the current corporate culture facilitated the development of the current issue? Research the organization, dig into the culture, and analyze how it contributed to this issue. Hint: Review the mission and vision statements as well as the corporate website.

3) Identify Areas of Weakness • What are the organization’s areas of weakness? Use your research on organizational behavior approaches to corporate culture, diversity, teamwork, and motivational strategies.

4) Propose Solutions • What organizational practices would you modify? What solutions would you recommend to management? As the consultant you will identify the suggestions and solutions you would present to the organization’s leadership with regard to modifying current organizational practices to resolve the issue.

5) References and Citations • Provide at least 2 quality resources such as the course textbook, company website, business websites (CNBC, Bloomberg, etc.), resources from the Strayer Library, and/or outside sources. Note: Wikipedia and web-based blogs do not qualify as credible resources. • In-text • In-text citations are required when paraphrasing or quoting another source.

6) Formatting and Writing Standards • Formatting and writing standards are part of your grade. Align your formatting to the Strayer Writing Standards.

Grading for this assignment will be based on the following criteria and evaluation standards: POINTS: 240 ASSIGNMENT

1: ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS Criteria Exemplary 100% – A Proficient 85% – B Fair 75% – C Unacceptable 0% – F 1. Describe the Organization and the Issue to Resolve Weight: 20% Fully describes the organization by providing a relevant and robust but concise overview of the company (e.g. when they were established, what service(s) or products they provide, and other relevant information). Additionally, the author fully describes the issue he/she has identified; what he/she knows about it and how it has impacted the company. Sufficiently describes the organization and provides details about the company. The issue is identified and the author sufficiently describes what he/she knows about it and its impact on the company. Partially describes the organization and provides some details about the company, but additional details would improve the description. The issue and its impact on the company are not clearly articulated. Does not describe the organization or provide details about the company. The issue and its impact on the company are not provided.

2. Analyze Current Corporate Culture Weight: 20% Completely describes the company’s culture by detailing how the company position sits elf from internal and external perspectives. Draws strong, logical connections about how the culture did or could have supported/facilitated the challenge. Makes direct connections and supports points with source material. Satisfactorily describes the company culture by drawing on and synthesizing corporate information about the company. Makes logical and realistic connections that are supported by source material. Partially describes the company’s culture. Lacks details and/or multiple sources are not utilized to provide a well-rounded perspective. Makes loose connections that were not supported by sources or that were not fully articulated. The culture is not described or the company is not differentiated completely from others. Poses unsupported connections or connections are not included.

3. Identify Areas of Weakness Weight 20% Completely identifies areas of weakness and provides strong details with logical connections and supporting source material. Satisfactorily identifies areas of weakness and provides valid details supported by source material. Partially identifies areas of weakness and makes loose connections between the weaknesses and supporting material. Does not identify areas of weakness or does not provide supporting source material. 4. Propose Solutions Weight 25% Completely describes modifications to organizational practices and provides solutions with strong connections and supporting source material. Logically details how the solutions will resolve issue. Satisfactorily describes modifications to organizational practices. Provides solutions that make some connections with supporting source material to indicate how the solutions will resolve the issue. Partially describes modifications to organizational practices and solutions to resolve the issues. Lacks supporting details and source material. Does not describe modifications to organizational practices, or does not identify solutions that would resolve the issue. No source material is provided.

5. Reference minimums; Reference quality Weight 5% Meets or exceeds number of required references; all references high quality choices. Meets number of required references; some references maybe poor quality choices. Does not meet the required number of references; some references may be poor quality choices. No references provided or all references poor quality choices.

6. Follows writing standards; Meets page minimums Weight 10% Followed all writing standards. Met page minimums. Followed most writing standards. Met page minimums. Followed few writing standards. May not have met page minimums. Followed few to no writing standards. Did not meet page minimums.

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