please write a 5 page paper in apa format the writer should have a finance background assignment attached below

  • A)Investment Analysis
    • a. The student will begin with an overall investment analysis of JP Morgan and Bank of America
    • b.You will provide a company profile in narrative firm including
      • i.Nature of the business
      • ii.Organization of the business
      • iii.Description of products and services of the company
      • iv.Future vision for the firms
  • B)Analysis of the Company using ratio analysis
    • a. Describe the profitability of the firms
    • b.Explain the liquidity of the firms
    • c. Discuss the debt ratio
    • d.Expand on the Market Ratios
    • e. Add additional comments on the structure of the Balance Sheet
  • C)Determine the value of the Stock using
    • a. The current market value and estimated dividend
    • b.The Book Value
    • c. The net worth
  • D)Analyze the company earnings using
    • a. EPS numbers
    • b.P/E ratios
  • E)Calculate the Historical Return of these stocks over the past twelve months and the last 5 years
    • a. Compare the return to an appropriate benchmark
    • b.Compare these returns to an appropriate ETF
    • c. Compare these returns to an appropriate mutual fund
  • F)Summarize the value of your 2 stocks

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