questions about skin

Choose one of the essay questions:

1. A neighbor is walking her dog to the park during her lunch break on a beautiful sunny day. Explain how her skin is working to protect her from ultraviolet radiation due to intense sun exposure. Be sure to discuss the specific structures and substances involved in this protection.

2. Mike is beginning his summer football camp today. The temperature high today is 85 degrees with moderate humidity. Discuss two ways the skin’s structures and functions are working to provide homeostasis and temperature regulation in this football player.

3. This weekend you are going camping with your closest friends and family. Thankfully, the layers of your skin will help protect you during this adventure. Discuss at least two ways each layer, the epidermis and dermis, may protect you on this excursion.

Next, create your own scenario: It can be one of your own real experiences or one you make up. Use imagery in your writing to give your instructor a clear image of the setting and an action taking pace in your writing. Explain the structure and functions of the skin at work in your scenario.

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