scheduling and project managing

Two important areas that drive the success of any business: scheduling and Project Management. Find two online resources that provides you insight into each of these areas. The resources you choose are to be authoritative, relevant to the subject matter stated above.These resources can be either:

(a) a YouTube video of over 10 minutes in length that provides an overview of scheduling or project management tools, methods, or systems


(b) an authoritative Website dedicated to informing and educating readers on scheduling or project management tools, methods, or systems

Once you have found two authoritative resources, provide for the following in your discussion forum:

  • The presenters bona fides (creds) that caused you to believe the individual or organization is an authority on the subject (you will need to do some research on the individual or organization that provided the resource)
  • A hyperlink (not just a URL) to the resource
  • An overview of what this resource added to your learning

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