south carolina studies 2

The assessment should be 1 full page, typed, double-spaced and conform to the formatting and content guidelines for the course. Be sure to cite all quotes both in text and with a bibliography at the end.


The course syllabus lists a set of learning outcomes for the course – what we aim to keep as our focus as we move through the assignments during the semester. Each of these aims informs the others. But we will consider only one of these for the prompt: “Refine a sense of what it means to be an ‘engaged citizen’ and consider what this term may mean moving into the new century.” How might Ben Robertson define an “engaged citizen?” What does Red Hills and Cotton tell us about what an engaged citizen might be? What would this concept mean, for Robertson as we understand him from the memoir, as far as an engagement with one’s immediate community or county or state or nation? Remember that you are arguing from the text, not from your personal opinion.

This assignment can only successfully be completed by using specific passages from the text, properly cited and carefully analyzed. If you have any questions about citation please let me know.

Restatement of the Assignment:

  • Decide what an engaged citizen is and what it might mean for the future of our state. Remember this is a class goal about becoming informed and aware about what is happening in your state, from politics to recreation and everything in between. How or what does RH&C tell us about being an engaged citizen?
  • What does the term mean to Robertson who was a writer and a soldier and a South Carolinian of the 1940’s. Use his memoir to support your position.

Compose and save your document to your computer. Label the file with your last name, type of assignment, and due date: HjelmAssessment10_1. To submit, click on the title above and attach your document by using the BROWSE MY COMPUTER button. This is due by 11:59pm on October 6. No late papers will be accepted for a grade.

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